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Kitchen Renovation

Renovate Kitchen: Boost Your Culinary Space

Bespoke Kitchen Renovation in Perth & Dundee

At DG Ritchie Joinery, we understand that a kitchen renovation is more than just a makeover; it's about transforming the heart of your home. The kitchen is where families bond, create meals, and share moments of joy. It's essential that this space reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Going into a kitchen renovation journey can significantly increase the comfort and functionality of your home, influencing your overall well-being. No matter the dimensions of your kitchen, there's always room for improvement, and even subtle changes can bring about a refreshing ambiance

For those in Perth and Dundee seeking a trusted partner for their kitchen renovation needs, DG Ritchie Joinery stands out. With a legacy spanning 40 years, our team of experts is dedicated to turning your kitchen renovation dreams into reality.

From updating cabinets to a comprehensive redesign featuring innovative storage and modern appliances, we've got you covered. Trust in our expertise, and let us craft a kitchen space you'll cherish for years to come.

Our service comes highly recommended with 40 years of experience, and we are confident we can create a space that you will love.

Kitchen Renovation

Crafting the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is more than just a room, it's a sanctuary where culinary dreams come alive, families bond, and memories are etched. At DG Ritchie Joinery, we delve deep into the essence of what makes a kitchen truly special. Our approach to kitchen renovation is rooted in understanding its pivotal role in a home:

  • Memories Brewed: Every countertop and cabinet witnesses countless stories, from morning coffees to midnight snacks, from festive feasts to everyday meals.
  • Function Meets Art: We ensure that every kitchen we craft is not only aesthetically pleasing but also supremely functional, catering to all your culinary adventures.
  • Tailored to You: Recognizing that every individual and family is unique, we customize designs that mirror your personality and lifestyle.
  • Legacy of Craftsmanship: With decades of experience, our commitment is to create spaces that stand the test of time, both in style and durability.

Join us in this journey of transformation, and let's craft a kitchen that's not just a part of your home, but its beating heart.

Why Renovate? The Benefits of a Kitchen Renovation

  • Enhanced Living Experience

  • Optimized spaces for functionality and purpose

  • Incorporate energy-saving appliances to reduce utility bills

Kitchen renovation can often be achieved without a complete overhaul, depending on your needs.

Simple updates like door replacements, new benchtops, or tile adjustments lead to minimal disruptions yet rejuvenate your space significantly. It's remarkable how such minor tweaks can transform a room.

Opting for a kitchen renovation is often more budget-friendly, especially when the focus is on aesthetic upgrades, which reduces labor expenses. Considering a property sale? A renovated kitchen can boost your home's market value.

If your vision is a bespoke kitchen built from the ground up, we're here to help. Our team offers project management and interior design guidance whenever required

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Tailored Solutions for Every Vision

At DG Ritchie Joinery, we're not just contractors; we're your partners in crafting dream spaces. Every idea, every vision you have, we're committed to bringing it to life with precision and passion.

Our palette boasts a diverse range of top-tier products and materials, each with its unique charm and character. Whether you're dreaming of a sleek, modern kitchen adorned with stainless steel and minimalist shelving or a cozy, rustic space that exudes warmth, we've got you covered.

Feeling overwhelmed by choices? Don't fret. Our experts are here to guide you, offering inspiration and insights tailored to your tastes.

Remember, a successful kitchen renovation starts with a clear plan. The more vivid your dream, the smoother our journey together. From the first sketch to the final touch, trust DG Ritchie Joinery to be by your side, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

Expertise & Craftsmanship: Why Choose DG Ritchie Joinery

At DG Ritchie Joinery, every kitchen renovation is a testament to our craftsmanship, honed over 40 years of dedicated service. Our team, composed of seasoned tradesmen, brings not just expertise but a genuine commitment to exceptional customer service. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we stand by you, offering unwavering support and guidance

What sets us apart from other joinery companies is our transparent communication. We believe in clear, concise dialogues, and whenever possible, we prefer face-to-face interactions. This approach fosters genuine, trust-filled relationships with our clients, ensuring you always know where you stand with us.

Our extensive experience in the industry is unmatched. We've faced myriad challenges over the years, and each one has only strengthened our resolve and problem-solving prowess. No matter the complexity of your vision, trust in our resourcefulness and dedication to make it a reality.

Kitchen Renovation in Perth & Dundee

Cost Considerations in Perth & Dundee: Investing in Your Dream Kitchen

With so many options available, it’s hard to pin down an average cost. We would encourage you to get in touch today so we can discuss your specific needs.

Start Your Kitchen Transformation Today

To discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to assisting you.

Kitchen Renovation FAQs

Kitchen renovations can understandably be expensive and the price will vary depending on the amount of work you require, as well as the size of your kitchen and the materials you want to use.

You will also have to consider whether you want a bespoke renovation or a budget renovation. Bespoke kitchen renovations involve the joiner renovating your kitchen from scratch, with bespoke materials and finishes applied, A budget renovation is where you pick the kitchen design you require from a supplier and have it fitted.

A bespoke kitchen renovation averages between £20,000 – £50,000.

A budget kitchen renovation will cost between £6,000 – £15,000.

A typical kitchen renovation can take anywhere from four to eight weeks from the start of demolition to the completion of the final finishes.

It's important to note that a kitchen renovation involves several stages, such as planning, design, demolition, installation, and finishing. Each of these stages has its own timeline, which will vary depending on the type of work requested and the size of the kitchen being worked on.

Kitchens can come in a variety of different styles. Some of the most popular kitchen styles in 2023 include:

  • Modern – A sleek design, horizontal lines, smooth cabinets and countertops, and open spaces help create the increasingly popular modern kitchen design.
  • Minimalist – Open plan kitchens lend themselves well to the minimalist style. You’ll only want to add the most necessary features to create this look, whilst using a monochrome palette to enhance the sleek and modern design.
  • Country – Think warm and cosy farmhouse kitchens. Heavy use of rustic woods with a mix of personal touches to add a homely, country feel
  • Rustic – Heavy use of wood and stone helps create a rustic style, which is also known for being warm, inviting and charming.
  • Industrial – Increasingly trendy, industrial kitchens use neutral colours and tend to show off exposed structures, such as brick walls, pipes and beams. Use of concrete flooring and wooden features are also common. Industrial kitchens are not overly cosy or warm but are stylish and in-vouge.
  • Eclectic – A blend of styles that come together to create a modern and personal design
  • Scandinavian – Clean, sleek, modern and cheerfully minimalistic

We recommend holding off on buying appliances until you have either decided on your kitchen style or your kitchen renovation is fully complete.

Make a list of appliances that you need for your lifestyle and then buy them in a style and colour that matches your new kitchen. This way, you will only purchase items that you truly need and you will be able to add to the overall look of your kitchen without detracting from the specific style.

The type of flooring you choose will depend heavily on the style of kitchen you are looking to achieve. Some common types of flooring include

  • Hard wood floors
  • Stone tiles
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Engineered wooden flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Polished concrete

In most cases, you will not need a permit to remodel your kitchen. However, if you plan to make structural changes (I.e. tear down or put up a new wall), you will need to obtain a building permit.

In addition, if you plan to move or add plumbing or electrics, you will also need to obtain the relevant permit for the type of work you plan to have done.

Many people choose to remodel their kitchens in Spring and early summer time as many suppliers offer great sales at this time of year. However, you’ll often find more availability and cheaper costs for hiring traders if you remodel your kitchen at the beginning of the year, as work can be slow for contractors around this time.

The best time to remodel a kitchen will be different for everyone. We recommend considering factors such as; school holidays, work commitments, and family commitments, as well as monitoring seasonal sales, to find the time that works best for you.

Having an up-to-date kitchen that is attractive in its design and has been properly and professionally installed will almost certainly add value to your home.

The only way your kitchen renovation will not add value to your home is if it is badly done or very poorly designed.

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your recently remodeled kitchen stays looking new for longer:

  • Clean your kitchen regularly!
  • Remove stains quickly
  • Install blinds to prevent sunlight from discouloring surfaces
  • Always use a chopping board to avoid marking your new countertops
  • Use pot stands and avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on countertops
  • If your countertops are wooden, make sure you re-oil them reguarly
  • Do not place your kettle under wall units and cabinets as rising steam can cause materials to warp and swell.

It is certainly possible to live in your home during a kitchen renovation, although you will need to make some adjustments to your daily routines. We recommend moving the fridge, freezer, microwave and over to another part of the house where they can still be used (if possible) as this will allow you to continue cooking at home.

If you are able to move out of your home during the renovation, even if it’s for a few weeks, work may be completed much faster, so it is worth considering if this is manageable before moving forward with your renovation.

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What Our Clients Say

Don't normally do reviews like this but I feel I must on this occasion after having several companies in at my elderly mother's house to convert a stair so we could get her a chairlift to assist her with her mobility we were met with comments like "waste of time" and "impossible". We were lucky to have met Dave and his approach and attitude of yep I can make and alter that for you. Thank you will never be enough from me, a great guy and a great job.

Richard, Dundee

Just want to thank Davie for a lovely conversion to our summer house, to allow us to use it for an additional workspace, always dubious about what some contractors say to me in the past, but no worries here whatsoever. Can't thank them enough for this...we have used them after this for other works in our house and will continue to do so.

Lynn, Errol, Perthshire

Big thanks to David for my new bathroom window great to find a joiner that can actually make something from wood to match what we already have in place just a plain wooden window with a small top opening made exact to match the other window good price good service and on time very happy and will use again later this year for our wooden deck.

Pat Pitlochry, Perthshire

A big thanks to David and his son Brian first class service from them both made a great job of fitting a new insulated loft hatch and loft ladder for us to give us additional space in the the house maybe just as small job for them but a massive improvement for us did exactly what the said they would do great job clean and tidy at a very reasonable price.

Maggie, Carnoustie