Summerhouse Build

This was an interesting project.

The Mitchell's were looking for a conversion from a summerhouse building to a fully integrated living and work space. They're now working from home and in these COVID times wanted a bespoke conversion so they could work in a small area in of the garden.

This was to be a workable space that allowed them extra room and security out with the house and family living area. That was the main brief and this has turned out fantastically, as you'll see from the pictures below.

We have completed 4 conversions like this, however, all are individual and different to the customer needs. We have more pictures on request and if you would like to view them, please ask.

We are able to do the groundworks, drainage and main electrics along with concrete foundation works in-house. Our groundworks team have over 30 years experience between them, and were able to build this like a high insulated kit house, fully insulated throughout. As you can see, a bespoke bathroom and kitchen were fitted along with locally sourced larch cladding.

We will be happy to give advice and information on this type of building regarding planning permission and building warrant. In a lot of cases, depending on the size of the building, these aspects are not actually required. So just contact us for more information and details.

Summerhouse Build
Summerhouse Build 2
Summerhouse Build 3
Summerhouse Build 4
Summerhouse Build 5
Summerhouse Build 6
Summerhouse Build 7
Summerhouse Build 8

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