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Case Study: Crafting Comfort with Loft Conversion and Roof Works in Muiredge, Errol, Perthshire

By DG Ritchie Joinery Services


In the Muiredge neighbourhood near Errol in Perthshire, Scotland–a family had a dream of turning their empty loft into a functional and aesthetically please space. They chose DG Ritchie, a trusted contractor known for doing great work, to make it happen. This case study looks closely at the project, starting with the initial discussions and ending with the finished construction.

Client Objectives

The family wanted to make the most of their loft space, turning it into a functional area that seamlessly fits with the rest of their home. They needed a roof that matched what they already had, good insulation, and a special staircase to get up there. While they took the responsibility of arranging planning permission and internal decorating, they relied on DG Ritchie for the core construction and material sourcing.

Planning and Pricing

DG Ritchie started the project by talking to the family to understand exactly what they wanted. After the discussion, they made detailed drawings that showed how everything would look and fit together. Once they had the design, DG Ritchie figured out how much it would cost, making sure the family knew all the details and that it was a good deal for them.

Material Procurement and Construction

Given the unique requirements of the project, DG Ritchie took some unique steps:

  • Roofing: A slated roof was chosen to ensure consistency with the existing structure and the dormer roof. This choice not only maintained the aesthetic appeal of the home but also ensured durability and longevity.
  • Electrical Works: An electrician was brought on board to wire the new space, ensuring it was equipped with adequate lighting and electrical points, making the loft both functional and comfortable.
  • Heating: Given the cold Scottish winters, oil radiators were installed in the loft space, ensuring the area remained warm and cosy throughout the year.
  • Custom Stairwell: Recognizing that off-the-shelf solutions would not suffice; DG Ritchie manufactured a bespoke stairwell in their workshop. This stairwell was meticulously designed to allow easy access to the loft from within the home, enhancing the home's flow and functionality.
  • Roof and Flooring: While the project did not necessitate a complete rebuild of the roof and flooring, DG Ritchie manufactured their own rafters. They sourced a steel beam from a local blacksmith and procured trusses from a trusted supplier, ensuring the structural integrity of the conversion.
  • Insulation: To comply with the building regulations and make the place comfortable and efficient, we used good KingSpan insulation in the loft. This high-quality insulation keeps the heat in and makes the place cosy while also saving money on heating.

Project Duration and Completion

The project took about 4 months from start to finish, showing how well DG Ritchie works efficiently and carefully. They did everything, like getting materials and building, carefully to keep things on track.

The family got their own permission to do this project, and they were a big part of making the project a success. After the building was done, they took care of decorating the interior space, adding their personal touch to the space.


The Muiredge loft conversion and roof renovation showcases DG Ritchie's skills and commitment in prioritising client’s needs. They carefully planned, custom-made things, and worked with skilled experts to transform an unused loft into a functional and beautiful space. The family now has a space that makes their home better, more useful, and more comfortable. This project shows how it's important to know what the client wants, use good materials, and create custom solutions to turn clients’ vision into a reality.

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