Cladding Extension

Case Study: Transforming the Auchterhouse in Angus with Cladding Extension

By DG Ritchie Joinery Services


In the beautiful neighbourhood of Auchterhouse, Angus, Scotland–a client wanted to make their building look better by adding a large cladding extension. They hired DG Ritchie, a contractor known for transforming exteriors into visually stunning and functional spaces.This case study looks closely at the project, starting with the initial discussions and ending with the final construction.

Client Objectives

The client's main objective was to give their building a fresh exterior look using cladding that not only added protection but also enhanced its aesthetics. They had a particular style and color of cladding in mind, aiming for a seamless blend with the current structure to create a unified and contemporary appearance. The client also stressed the importance of completing the project quickly, alongside other maintenance and construction tasks they had scheduled. This required careful coordination to ensure everything was done efficiently.

Pricing and Planning

DG Ritchie began the project with a thorough discussion with the client to grasp their exact needs and vision. This collaborative approach ensured that the client's goals were the main priority during the planning process. With a clear understanding of what the client wanted, DG Ritchie then determined the project's cost, ensuring transparency and delivering value for the client's investment.

Material Procurement and Construction

Given the client's specific requirements regarding the cladding style and colour, DG Ritchie did the following:

  • Material Selection: DG Ritchie sourced the exact style and colour of cladding the client desired. This involved liaising with trusted suppliers to ensure the materials were of the highest quality and matched the client's specifications.
  • Construction: Once all the materials were ready, the construction phase had started. The team carefully put up the cladding, making sure it matched the existing structure perfectly. The goal was to make it not just look great but also give the building the protection it needed from the weather.
  • Other Tasks: In addition to the cladding job, DG Ritchie also took care of other maintenance and construction tasks for the client. This holistic approach ensured that the whole property got a lift, not just in how it looked but also in how well it worked.

Project Duration

From approval to completion, DG Ritchie wrapped up the project in just 1-2 weeks. This quick turnaround highlights DG Ritchie's dedication to getting things done efficiently while juggling multiple projects without compromising quality.

The client was glad that they didn't have to deal with the hassle of arranging planning permission. This allowed them to concentrate on their vision for the building. DG Ritchie made sure all aspects of the project, from getting materials to doing the construction, flowed smoothly together.


The Auchterhouse cladding project is a shining example of DG Ritchie's skills, dedication, and ability to meet unique client needs. With careful planning, precise material choices, and efficient construction, the building's exterior got a remarkable makeover. The cladding style and colour were a perfect match for the existing structure, creating a unified and modern appearance.

The client now enjoys an exterior that not only protects against environmental factors but also elevates the building's overall aesthetic appeal. This project emphasises the importance of understanding client goals, offering tailor-made solutions, and executing projects with precision and speed. DG Ritchie's unwavering commitment to excellence ensured that the client's vision was not only realised but surpassed–going above and beyond their expectations.

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